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wireless-internetXoopLink’s WIS is a broadband wireless network offering high-speed internet access from a number of locations in the Western United States. XoopLink Wireless Network allows you to get away from your desk and out of the office. Access your email, use any WiFi enable device, or simply surf the Internet using the same portable devices you already use at the office.

What gear do I need to connect to XoopLink’s Wireless Network?

XoopLink follows the 802.11b/g wireless networking standard. All you need is a Wi-Fi certified 802.11b/g card and your portable device, be it a laptop, PocketPC, Palm, or Handspring. Many laptops shipped today already have Wi-Fi cards pre-installed.

Why does XoopLink use the Wi-Fi 802.11b/g wireless standard?

wi-fiThe 802.11b/g Wi-Fi standard is so widely accepted that it’s become the de facto industry standard for wireless networking. It’s an established and mature standard – not some far-off future technology promising the stars and ending up as lumps of coal. In fact, many laptop manufacturers actually include Wi-Fi cards in standard configurations. And since existing cards will not become obsolete anytime soon – revisions to the standard emphasize backwards compatibility.

What do I do when I get to a XooLink location?

All you need to do is open up a web browser at any XoopLink location. Our hardware automatically redirects you to XoopLink’s login screen.

I don’t have a wireless network card. Where can I get one?

Wireless cards are available anywhere electronics or computer equipment is sold.

How can I tell if I’m at a XoopLink Location?

Look for store collaterals (posters, banners, table tents, etc) with the XoopLink logo. If you see the XoopLink logo, then you are in luck! Alternatively, you can check if we offer XoopLink Access in any location by opening your web browser. If you see the XoopLink Login Screen, you’re all ready to go.info_website_2

What if my favorite coffee bar / hotel / lounge / restaurant / airport waiting room doesn’t have XoopLink?

Find the manager and ask to have XoopLink installed! We want to be wherever you are, and are very open to setting up new locations. Any help you can give us with this will be rewarded with free time on our network – fill out a Location Suggestion form, and we will do our best to deploy there.

I am at a XoopLink location. How do I get started?

Assuming your network card is correctly configured , open your web browser before doing anything else. Our software automatically intercepts your browser’s requests and redirects you over to our login page. From here, you can register an account, login, and purchase as much access time as you need.